Via ferrata course

Via ferrata course

Via Ferrata – Klettersteig basics course


According to our experiences, we know that plenty of people wish to climb the mountains. Also plenty of them would not only walk the usual routes, but also climb the easier rock routes as well. In many cases their knowledge is not enough to work out these plans, and have to quit them to arrive home safety.


That is why we’ve decided to organize a course in our climbing gym. We help you to reach your climbing goal, and we teach you the basics of Via Ferrata – Klettersteig in safety atmosphere. Our via ferrata route fits to the challenges you find outdoor. If you feel to try this type of trip, but you haven’t got chance yet, now here it is. You can acquire the basics in safety conditions, so when you arrive to a bottom of a rock, it doesn’t mean you difficulty.



You can acquire the basics in few hours with the help of our colleague. You can try whether this type of climbing suits to you or not. It is better to test it by indoor conditions, and not outside on the rock. Within the 2-3 hours of the course, you can know the gears, and learn the safety use of them. We also teach basic meteorological knowledge, and what to do in dangerous situations, or in case of accidents. Theory is not enough, that is why we show everything in practice. We teach the participants to the belaying techniques, and we offer the opportunity to try the wall climbing in our hall. On demand we help with suggests  how to prepare yourself for a via ferrata tour.


The criterion of the course is at least 14 years old. We organize the course in small groups (4-6 persons).




7th January  - Full !!

21st January

3rd February

18th February

3rd March

17th March

1st April

22nd April

13th May

3rd June

23rd June

21st July

18th August

2nd September 

23rd September 

14th October

28th October

10th November

15th December



5th January   - Full !!

19th January    - Full !!

3rd  February

17th February

2nd March

 6th April

4th May

19th May

2nd June

22nd June

 6th July


On demand we hold courses for private groups, fellowships in English language also.

For further details and private quotation please write to: 


Locale: Spider Gym




5.900 HUF / person


The price contains:

  • the training
  • the equipments,  except the shoes (please bring clean changing shoes and sport clothes with yourself!)
  • and the entry ticket for the day of the course.

The course fee has to be paid with cash or transferring to OTP Bank, Majdnem Spider Ltd. 11702081-20003809. Fill in the notice gap with your name and the date of the course!


More information:

If you have further questions or you would like to apply, please write to address, or personally at Spider Club reception.

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