The hall

The hall



There is an indoor climbing hall in the heart of Óbuda (Budapest, Buda side), which is a fitness room in fact. This is a fitness gym, where you don’t train with the usual workout equipments, despite you move your whole body from tip to toe.



„Wall climbing is a calisthenic, alternative fitness, where you move all of your muscles unobserved.”



Spider Club has the biggest floor area and wall surface in Hungary. You have a chance to practice the two main kind of climbing. The rope climbing is available on 50 different wall surfaces, on almost 1100 square meters and on 150 routes. Spider Club is globally significant with this magnitude. Our separated boulder room is one of the biggest opportunities for those, who would like to experience climbing without „binding”.



„The biggest climbing and bouldering indoor wall gym in Hungary…”



The hall is practically a playground for every ages. You could arrive alone or with your family, because everyone find a challenge on our walls from little children to grandparents. We built a separated wall surface for children. With the help of our automatic belay system, you could climb alone on more routes. If you would like to develop yourself, you can join the trainings, or take part on our one day climbing courses. Here we teach you every necessary information what you need to wall climbing.



„You could climb alone with the help of our automatic belay system.”



The most important for us is the safety of our climbers. That is why we often examine the equipments strictly, and we make an effort to instruct. For our new guests we ensure a basic instruction, which is included in the entry ticket. Within the basic instruction you learn how to use the gears, pick up the belaying method, and the first movements on the wall.



„For your safety the basic instruction is included in the entry ticket.”



We often mention our climbing gym as a commune area. New acquaintances, friendships moreover romantic relationships could born by using the rope which binds you together. That is the reason why climbing is so popular in team bulidings and firm climbings.


If you are a beginner, check out the most important informations which we’ve collected for you!





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