Kid training

Kid training

Climbing training for kids


New impressions and new moving types are important for the perfect development of moving and nervous system. At Spider Gym children could learn the correct climbing and belaying technique, meanwhile their movings, condition and attention become better. Climbing gives a high stamina, and improve the responsibility.


We provide a professional trainer background for kids on every weekdays only at the definite times.


We warmly welcome the children over 8 year old from Monday to Friday between 4 pm and 5:30 pm. 



The most important for us is the safety of the children.


To learn the perfect belay technique, a certain mental and physical mature is needed. That is why we ask the presence and help of parents of kids under 10 years old.




Every day from Monday to Friday: 4 pm-5:30 pm (for children over 8 years old)




You can take part on our training only with season ticket.

Season tickets could buy till 2nd of every month.



- 1 occasion per week 6.500 HUF/month


- 2 occasion per week 13.000 HUF/month


- 3 occasion per week 18.000 HUF/month


Season ticket is valid only on the marked days in advance (eg: Monday or Monday-Wednesday)


Depending on the climbing skills of the kids, our trainer cold suggest to take part on our trainings 4-5 times weekly. The price of the further trainings: 6.500 HUF/day/week.


What is needed for the training?



- sport clothes


- clean sport shoes


The price of the season ticket contains the needed equipment for climbing, except the climbing shoes. You can hire climbing shoes at the reception for 500 HUF/occasion.



How can you join our training?


For further information:



On demand we could organize trainings also for private kid groups in English language. 

For further details and private quotation please write to: 



Our trainers:


                                             Komondi Csaba





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