How to start

How to start

For beginners


In Spider Club Gym you can conquer 8-13 m high walls by top rope or lead climbing, and also lower boulder walls (4 m) are available in the separated boulder room. The room is equipped  with a thick crash mat on  the floor.



„You’ll have more successs as a starter, if you try the top rope climbing first, and afterwards carry on with bouldering, when you have a bit more experience.”



What clothing is needed for climbing?

In winter season long sleeved T-shirt and long trousers are suggested with a sweater. Because of the high headroom, it’s not so easy to keep down the warm air. In summertime you can wear shorts with a T-shirt.



„Spider suggest for you: Wear comfortable clothes, which don’t disturb you by moving!”



What type of shoes are the suitable for climbing?

We suggest clean, flat sport shoes. It’s possible to hire climbing shoes in the Spider Gym. These shoes are developed especially for climbing, and they increase significant your power. For hygienic reasons please bring clean, thin socks with yourself! We offer the following shoes for starters: Edelrid Reptile II or Edelrid Blizzard.



„Climbing shoes help you by climbing, and they could increase your power with 20-30%!”



What other gear do you need by climbing?

Harness: Essential basic equipment by top rope and lead climbing. You have an opportunity to hire, or  if you want one for your own, you can test the most popular harnesses in our Shop. Our receptionist helps you with the details.

Carabiner with belaying device: These are also the part of the basic equipment. One set is enough for a climbing couple. We represent the use of these tools at the basic instruction. You can also hire at the reception, or find them in our Shop. If you are thinking about to by an own carabiner and belaying device, please mind, that you need other sizes by indoor rope climbing, and others by lead climbing and on the rock. Ask our wall masters or sales colleagues in the shop, which types worth it for you to buy!  The most popular carabiner and belaying device set is: Edelrid HMS Magnum carabiner and Singing Rock Buddy belaying device.

Chalk: This is the chalk which is known from the gymnastics. It helps you to prevent the slipping of the palms and the fingers.

If you would like to boulder, you need neither harness, nor belaying devices, rather you need climbing shoes and chalk.



How do we belay each other?

Please let us know by arriving that this is the first time you are at Spider Club. Our colleague teaches you the basic techniques, represents the hall, and shows how to use the equipments. If we have more beginners at the same time, it’s possible that you have to wait for the basic instruction a bit. If you would like to learn other techniques, we suggest you to attend our one day climbing course, where you can pick up more secure knowledge. You can also join our evening trainings. Our trainer helps you to improve your climbing technique.



„The basic instruction is included in the entry ticket for your safety.”



Is it possible to climb alone?


You find 2 walls (11 meter vertical high), which are equipped with automatic belay system. This system provides your safety. By these walls you have the opportunity to climb alone in complete safety. You can also climb alone in the boulder hall, where 4 meter vertical high walls are available, and a thick crash mat guarantees your safety. On demand you can also ask a private trainer, who cares only with you, or with your fellowship. Please write to email address to fix a date. The course and the training gives you the chance to find a climbing partner and climb in a group.



What is a route?


A climbing route means when you touch and step only the same coloured climbing holds. The routes are categorized by the difficulty of them. Usually you find 2-3 routes on one wall line. If you touch and step all the colours, you could make the wall line easier. By missing some climbing holds, or climb only the same colours, you could make it heavier. The „Spider Kaller” (Spider Guide) is an interactive wall plan. It helps you to find the best route according to your skill.



„Spider suggest: For beginners between grad IV- V+ are the proper levels”



How can I improve my climbing skills?

We definitely suggest to join our trainings. The trainers dealing with you according to your skills.

Yet would you train alone?

At the first 1-2 months it is not suggested to climb more than 2 times a week. Your muscles and joints have to get used to the climbing load step by step.

Warm-up at least 15 minutes!

Choose light routes, where you can make series. Always choose the series and the grad of the walls, according to your current condition. Push your limits gradually higher! Your forearm will get tired quickly at the beginning, this is naturally. Shake your arms, and let’s start again! Stretching is very important after the training to regenerate yourself. From the following 2-3 months you can raise the climbing occasions to 2/3 weekly. Integrate your basic climbing with strengthening two times per week.

Examples for strengthening training:

10 pcs/M  5 pcs /F chin up (if you can not chin up, kick yourself up, and let yourself down slowly)
30 pcs/M 50 pcs/F crunch
10 pcs/M, F squat
8 pcs/M 5 pcs/F leg lifting from hanging
2 pcs/M dip
5 pcs burpee

Repeat these exercises 3 times increase them week by week!

Enjoy climbing!

Spider Team




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