Team building

Team building


In Spider Club Hall there’s an opportunity to organize firm team bulidings.


Climbing strengthens the team spirit and cooperation, because the colleagues have to solve the mission in an unknown atmosphere, far away from the office. Meanwhile their safety is in the hands of their colleague. The common successes during the climbing bring closer the associates, and the adrenalin guarantees the excitement.


The attributions of the hall facilitates that we can provide team buildings for bigger companies with lot of participants.


On the basis of our experiences we have more developed and tested games and missions, but we are open for any new ideas or inquiries to build them into the program.


Climbing for firms


We also offer the opportunity for firm climbing. Within this program the workers could acquire how to cooperate more efficient, what makes their job more successfull.



Firm climbing cost: 25.000 HUF/ 10 participants (the price is only informative, doesn’t mean an offer or quotation)



Team Buliding in Spider Gym – Bull Magyarország Ltd. (15/01/16) 30 participants


After arriving the CEO made briefing about the excercises and mission. Our trainer made a little warm-up to prepare the participants for climbing. The team divided into smaller groups, which all had the same project: collect the post-its which were sticked on different height on our wall. The several height gave a chance for everyone to took his part from the team work. We wrote valuable informations on the papers about the next exercises. This led step by step to the goal. At the end of the game every group got the prize.

During the climbing we taught one team member from every group to belay. He responsibled for the safety of his colleagues. Trust in each other played an emphasized role in this situation. Our wall masters stood next to the belaying person, and helped him. The belaying member could also climb, our colleague belayed him.



The basic price of the team building is 120.000 HUF/ 30 participants (the price is only informative, doesn’t mean an offer or quotation)


For further details and private quotation write to Tasi Gábor:


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