Welcome to Spider Club!

Spider Club: Hungary’s largest indoor climbing hall!

At Spider Club you get the chance to climb on a wall of almost 1360 sq. meters, 1000 sq. meters top rope and lead and a 360 sq. meter boulder hall. The height of the hall is between 8 and 11,4 meters. The longest top rope route is 13,5 meters.

We built the nearly 100 climbing routes to suite the needs of all climbers from beginners to professionals. One type of hold - from the collections of TOP30, MR, Entre Prises and Makak - can only be found maximum 3 times in the hall to give you more challenge while on the wall. You also get the chance to try yourself on a speed climbing wall.

If you need a little brake you can refresh yourself in our buffet, and have a rest on the loft on comfy couches, reading magazines or chatting. 

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