The most important for us is the safety of our climbers. That is why we make an effort to instruct. For our new guests we ensure a basic instruction, which is included in the entry ticket. Within the basic instruction you learn the following steps:

- use your equipment

- the belaying techniques

- the first steps on the wall

-auto belay system

-we lead you through the hall, and we show your opportunities


„For your safety the basic instruction is included in the entry ticket .”


The basic instruction is efficient if you are in a pair. One of you learns the belaying technique, the other one makes the first steps on the wall. If you would like to climb alone, we suggest you to participate our one day course that gives you the chance to find a climbing partner.

The instruction takes about 15-30 minutes. It could occurs that you have to wait, till our colleague instructs others, or has other duties.

If you arrive with a bigger company (6-8 persons), and you don’t want to wait, sign your attend at least 1-2 days before in email to You have the opportunity to book a wall master, who intstructs exclusively you. The wall master is 4.000 HUF/hour.


Please sign at the reception, that you are at first time in Spider Club.



„It is important to learn from our staff and not your climbing partner! Maybe your partner climbs for sime time, but he can’t teaches you as professional as a our colleague. It occurs you learn bad techniques, and the basic instruction takes more time."



We are proud that we’ve taught tousands of starters from the opening of our gym, and it has not been any event by them.


Spider Team





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