Ticket Prices

Adult: 2.990 HUF

Early bird daily form opening till 15:30:  2.590 HUF

Supplementary**:  400 HUF

Student (14 - 26 years, with valid student card):  2.590 HUF

Child (0-14 years): 1.600 HUF

Accompanying ticket*** (for parents and belayers):  400 HUF

One time ticket for group trainings****:  1.500 HUF


10 occasion pass: 23.900 HUF

10 occasion training pass: 14.000 HUF


Passes are valid for 6 months.


We accept



All You Can Move XXL card



For your safety, the entry ticket contains the basic instruction.


Equipment hire

Climbing shoes (size 35-46): 700 HUF

Harness (XS-XL): 350 HUF

Carabiner: 200 HUF

Belaying device: 200 HUF

Harness+carabiner+belaying device: 650 HUF

Chalk bag+chalk: 500 HUF

Rope (for lead climbing): 800 HUF/occasion



** Supplementary ticket

If the climb is not finished until 15:30, supplementary ticket needs to be purchased.


 *** Accompanying ticket

For non-climbers (belayers, parents, teachers, etc.) could be used as part of payment for products on the reception.


**** Training ticket

Could be used only with valid daily tickets or passes.





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