Introduction to wall climbing

Introduction to wall climbing

Safety Climbing


The one day course introduces you to climbing. It focuses on the movements and safety.

You can acquire the rhythmical, ingenious moving and the safety rope technique from our professional trainers. You can also learn the basic wall climbing techniques, that later you could climb alone. Indoor climbing is a really relaxing and a good mood corporate sport, because „The rope binds us responsible together.”




1. Equipment and rope knowledge

2. Belaying technique

3. First movements

4. Types of mountaineering (difficulty, boulder etc.)


The course takes 7 hours, which contains theoretical and practical education too. We organize the course in small groups (6-12 persons). The goal is to acquire the basics of safety indoor and rock climbing skills. If there are less than 6 applicants, we do not hold the course, and we contact the participants to fix a new date.




5th January   

19th January   

3rd  February

17th February

2nd March

 6th April

4th May

19th May

2nd June

22nd June

 6th July

21st July

11th August

7th September

21st September

6th October

26th October

17th November

8th December


Meeting and registration at Spider Club on the day of the course.




13.900 HUF / person


The price contains the equipments (harness, belaying device, carabiner), training, and the entry ticket for the day of the course.


The course fee has to be paid with cash or transferring to OTP Bank, Majdnem Spider Ltd. 11702081-20003809. Fill in the notice gap with your name and the date of the course!


Sign your apply in e-mail to: or personally at Spider Club reception.


On demand we hold courses for private groups, fellowships in English language also.

For further details and private quotation please write to:


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