Adult training

Adult training

Whom is it suggested?


We suggest the trainings to those, who are starters or climb for a while, but they would like to improve their climbing technique. During the training we correct the movements, and the bad rotes. We would like to spend the climbing time the most efficient. We also suggest for those, who have plans with climbing, and we help themselves to reach their climbing goal by avoiding any hurts.


Why do we think training is important?


Climbing under the trainers control is the best way to brighten up the faults and correct them. The efficiency of the training could also increase in this way. We take care of warm up, stretching, strengthening and the relaxing times.



Trainers, dates:

I. Erdélyi Balázs

Tuesday / Thursday

Time: 6 pm-9 pm





You have to buy a training card next to your entry or season ticket. The training card is valid for 10 occasions. The price of the card is: 13.000 HUF





Ask the wall master's help if the training is suggested for you.


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