TENDON Ambition 10.0 standard

TENDON Ambition 10.0 standard

Cikkszám: D100TA41S000C

Az AMBITION 10.0 kifejezetten kezdőknek készült dinamikus kötél. A nagyobb átmérőnek és az SBS hüvelynek köszönhetően lenyűgöző teljesítményt és hosszú élettartamot kapunk!


Single ropes

   egész kötél  

átmérő (mm) 10.0
tömeg (g/m) 67
megtartott esések száma 9
megtartási rántás max. (kN) 8.9
köpenycsúszás (mm) 0.2
statikus nyúlás (%) 5
dinamikus nyúlás (%) 33
csomózhatóság 1
EN 892 igen
CE 1019 igen

Single ropes
For ascent where only one rope is used. This is the most basic and widely used method of using rope for ascents.

Improved basic finishing of dynamic ropes. The new technological process enables the application of impregnation agents early in the standard finishing of the ropes.

Our own special technology has been used for the ends of the rope. In a length of 15 mm, the core strand and sheath are connected into one unit.

SBS - Simple Braid System
SBS – is system where each strand is plaited separatelly into the sheath construction and not in pair (tandem). SBS braiding makes the sheath surface much more compact and smoother. Therefore ropes made by SBS generate much lower friction, are more resistant to abrasion and last longer while in contact with rocks.

CE - symbol of compliance
This symbol confirms that the product meets safety requirements specified in the relevant Europen regulations. The number following symbol (e.g. CE1019) is number of notified body which performs checking of production: VVUÚ, a.s., Pikartská 1337/7, 71607 Ostrava- Radvanice, Czech Republic

Products marked with this symbol meet UIAA requirements.The UIAA is the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.

New, revolutionary conception of the overall administration and registration of ropes which, thanks to NFC technology, offers unthought-of possibilities and brings user comfort to a hitherto unrecognized level. Rope includes microchip. With a PC and a mobile phone you obtain a quick, effective and smart tool for examination and maintenance of your ropes.

TENDON Ambition 10.0 standard



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70.090 Ft
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