Singing Rock Top Canyon beülő

Singing Rock Top Canyon beülő

Cikkszám: C5029BS00

Fully adjustable canyoning harness for canyoing schools and centers
  • one size fits all (from children to adults)
  • 3 Rock&Lock smart buckles for easy and fast adjustment
  • lightweight construction, no padding
  • reinforced tie-in point/belay loop for increased durability
  • color belay loop for proper tie-in
  • attachment point with a full strength 15 kN
  • removable and replaceable sit protector protects the wet suit from abrasion
  • 1 reinforced gear loop with a load capacity 10 kg
  • Color: yellow + black sit protector
  • Weight: 502 g (± 15 g) • 17.71 oz (± 0.5 oz)
  • Size: UNI

A (cm)    60-120
A (in)    24-47
B (cm)    42-66
B (in)    17-27
m (g)    502


Singing Rock Top Canyon beülő



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