Singing Rock TACTIC MASTER teljes testhevder

Singing Rock TACTIC MASTER teljes testhevder

Cikkszám: W0096BB02

Könnyű és teljesen állítható testheveder, elsősorban speciális erők számára, MOLLE rendszerrel és a heveder golyóálló mellény feletti viselésének lehetőségével.

 The unique Singing Rock MOTION SYSTEM with the openable RINGO O-ring gives the user freedom of movement without being restricted by a working rope or a fall arrest system. The ideal solution for situations where precise positioning and free movement are important.

  • frontal textile A point according to EN 361 is vertically adjustable, allowing to use the same harness with and without a bullet-proof vest
  • abseil rope clipped through a connector, attached to A point, can help the user to stay in an upright position even with a heavy load on the back
  • part of the EN 813 MOTION SYSTEM is the openable RINGO O-ring which allows the user to disconnect the chest part and leg loops or put the chest ascender along with other devices directly to RINGO
  • shoulder straps and leg loops are fully removable, the harness can be used as a sit harness or positioning (tactical) belt only
  • textile loops for work positioning according to EN 358 designed in a way that prevents accidental capture during a work
  • during the fall arrest to the dorsal textile attachment point EN 361, the MOTION SYSTEM efficiently splits the energy of the fall to the harness
  • harness can be easily supplemented with the CAM CLEAN chest ascender
  • shoulder connection for confined space rescue
  • built-in MOLLE Attachment System on the waist belt, leg loops and right shoulder strap to attach the pouch or other gear
  • speed buckles for quick and easy put on/off


Color black
Weight 1740 g [size M/L] • 61.38 oz
Size S, M/L, XL
Max. rated load 150 kg

ce1019, EN 358, EN 361, EN 813

Singing Rock TACTIC MASTER teljes testhevder



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