Petzl MACCHU® gyerek beülő

Petzl MACCHU® gyerek beülő

Cikkszám: C015AA0

Adjustable seat harness for children less than 40 kg (88 lbs.)

Intended for children weighing less than 40 kg (88 lbs.), MACCHU is a seat harness designed for climbing. Its fully adjustable design, and optional BODY shoulder straps, enable this harness to adapt to both your growing child’s needs and climbing levels from top-roping through lead climbing. Identical to adult harnesses, the waistbelt and leg loops are padded to ensure comfort while suspended. The two DOUBLEBACK buckles maintain a uniform fit and position of both the tie-in points and gear loops as your child grows. The differentiated color of the belay loop allows a quick visual check to ensure the belay device is properly attached. The harness has two gear loops and an accessory loop for a chalk bag, to be just like the grown-ups.

  • Adjustable seat harness for children less than 40 kg (88 lbs.):
    - adaptable with the growth of your child, thanks to a wide range of adjustability
    - DOUBLEBACK waistbelt and leg loop buckles allow quick adjustment to your child's size and seasonal clothing
    - optional BODY shoulder straps help your child remain in an upright position while learning to climb
  • Designed for comfort:
    - ENDOFRAME Technology construction allows optimal weight distribution
    - padded waistbelt and leg loops 
    - no compression points and minimized chafing, as there is no contact with stitching on the inside of the waistbelt
  • Same visual aspects as an adult harness:
    - two tie-in points and a differentiated color of the belay loop allows a quick visual check to ensure the belay device is properly attached
    - two rigid gear loops positioned at the front for easy and quick access to equipment
    - rear accessory loop for attaching a chalkbag
    - detachable rear leg loop elastics

    NOTE: For children with less pronounced hips, it must be used in conjunction with the BODY shoulder straps, to avoid inverted falls.


  • Material(s): nylon, polyester, EVA, polyurethane, steel
  • Certification(s): CE EN 12277 type C, UIAA
References C015AA00 C015AA01
Color(s) blue violet
  one size one size
Waist belt 54-64 cm 54-64 cm
Leg loops 34-44 cm 34-44 cm
Weight 335 g 335 g
Guarantee 3 years 3 years
Packing 1 1

Petzl MACCHU® gyerek beülő



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