Ticket Prices

Adult: 1.800 HUF

Child (5-14 years): 1.200 HUF

Boulder*: 1.200/ 1.400 HUF

Boulder supplementary**: 400 HUF

Free of charge up to the age of 5, with parent or guidance

10 occasion pass***: 16.000 HUF

10 occasion training pass: 8.000 HUF


Passes are valid for 1 year.

We accept


Sport card + 400 HUF

All You Can Move XXL card



For your safety, the entry ticket contains the basic instruction.


Equipment hire

Climbing shoes (size 35-46): 500 HUF

Harness (XS-XL): 300 HUF

Carabiner: 150 HUF

Belaying device: 150 HUF

Harness+carabiner+belaying device: 500 HUF

Chalk bag+chalk: 200 HUF

Rope (for lead climbing): 600 HUF/hour


* Boulder ticket

Weekdays: 1 pm-5 pm 1.200 HUF

Weekdays: 5 pm-11 pm 1.400 HUF

Weekends and bank holidays: 1.400 HUF


**Boulder supplementary

If you would like to climb top rope or lead climbing, you can buy a supplementary ticket for 400 HUF next to your 1.400 HUF boulder ticket.


***If you use your 10 occasion pass within a month, we give you a 1.000 HUF coupon, which you can use by buying your next pass



In autumn, winter an spring school breaks we give special discount for students. In these terms, if you are over the age of 14, and you show your valid student card, the entry ticket is 1.400 HUF for you till 4 pm. The discount is valid from 1 pm till 4 pm. If you would like to stay after 4 pm, you only need to buy a supplementary ticket for 200 HUF.

We can not accept other discounts (teacher, pensioner).



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